Why, hello there!

I’m Kass: a proud mum of two and photographer located in beautiful Regina, Saskatchewan. I specialize in family and childhood photography, a specialty inspired by my own kiddos: they've gifted me with the patience often required to work with children, and the wisdom to encourage clients to PLAY during our sessions together. I find this is the best way to ensure captivating keepsakes for your home: encouraging plenty of fun and laughter during our sessions!

I’ve loved the art of photography for as long as I can remember, investing in many cameras, lenses, software programs, and photography courses over the years. I’m constantly evolving as a portrait and lifestyle photographer: I LOVE that there’s always a new editing technique to learn, or a new prompt idea to get that perfect natural shot. My passion is capturing familial love and the curiosity of childhood, inspired by authentic connection and heavenly ("Elysian") light.

When I'm not working or spending quality time with my family, you can find me tending to my swathe of houseplants, absorbed in a book, or refinishing furniture. Long editing hours are most likely spent with a cat or pup curled up beside me, and a favourite movie playing in the background.

Female photographer taking self-portrait, gazing down at camera and lens