What should we wear?

My go-to phrase is "casually elegant, classically styled."

For the most sophisticated effect, I recommend coordinating outfits so they compliment one another, but aren't too "matchy." For instance: pull a colour from her dress for his shirt inspiration, or compliment her leather accessories with his tan shoes, etc. (Pro-tip: if you shop at the same store for the whole family, their seasonal items often share a colour palette across the store. Mission complete!)

Please refrain from wearing logos or graphic tees, if possible. Finally, note that ball caps and sunglasses (including progressive lens glasses) can make it difficult to see your face.

What happens in the event of poor weather conditions?

Frequently, the solution is to simply dress accordingly for the weather. Add multiple thin layers under clothes, or wear cute mittens, scarves, hats, boots, etc. However, if poor weather conditions truly render an outdoor shoot impossible, we have a couple options: moving the session indoors, or rescheduling the session to a later date altogether. I will always try to keep an eye on the forecast days in advance, so there's plenty of notice regarding a relocated or rescheduled shoot.

Do I have to order prints through you?

If you purchase a high-resolution digital package including printing rights, then you would be welcome to take your printing elsewhere. However, I can only guarantee the quality (colour, contrast, texture, etc.) of prints and products purchased through my professional printers.

Why do you sell products, instead of just digitals?

It makes me sad to think that so many people invest in family photos, but store them their computer hard drive somewhere, where they're not seen or enjoyed frequently. I hand-edit my images with its end product in mind: Christmas cards, canvas gallery, documentary album, etc. This being said, I know having digital files to share with family and friends on social media is equally as important in this digital age. For this reason, I provide corresponding social media files with every product and image purchased, complimentary as my gift to you!